I'm a hopeless romantic
My dad is so gross and awkward. Lexie is my 14 year old sister and that’s how he replies to our group text. 🙈
Omg I’m so embarrassing

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Just creeped on myself on facebook. found this from a while back. Sorry about the JB pics dad.. ;)
I love dis betch
Just got this in the mail. I’m a happy camper :)
Took a leap and a quote from greys. Sometimes you have to take a risk and hope for the best. Wish me luck guys. :/
I was having a shitty day and this book about reasons to smile made me laugh out loud. Thank you Barnes & Noble.
My mom is ridiculous

I will never look at that emoji the same again. Thank you to my best friend.
I might actually be obsessed with my new boots..
Guy at starbucks today gave my roommate and I a free baby size because he made extra on accident :) 
He loves me
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